As a choreographer


I choreograph to question and to uncover connections and cross struts.

In my works I weave dance, objects, music and text into a unique choreography carpet. I create multidisciplinary dance theater projects, performances in special locations away from the theater.


My work is driven by empowerment - I want to empower myself, my dancers and collaborators as well as the audience - to think and act independently.


My way of working is based on intensive research and intuition that guides and inspires my creative processes.



Research: "Don´t create - Be created"

I´m constantly looking for exercises that allow to widen the boundaries of creativity.




Intellectual striptease

Premiere 2020

in cooperation with Evelina Winkler


Pop-up party performance




Premiere 2019

in cooperation with Lisa Bless and Cecilia Ponteprimo

A summer fairy tale: Peter Pan and the lost boys

Premiere 2018


Dance: Veronika Kornova-Cardizzaro
Acting: Georg Gropp

Theater Felina Areal

No Pain - Big Gain

"Sales person of the year"

Premiere 2018


Dance: Elisabeth Kaul, Rafael Valdivieso, Brian McNeal

Set design: Rüdiger Krenkel

Theater Felina-Area, Mannheim

funded by: Kulturamt der Stadt Mannheim, LBBW


Premiere 2017


Festival des zeitgenössischen europäischen Theaters und Tanzes

Schauspielhaus Leipzig

mm und andale

"Techno zerstört die revolutionäre Kraft der Jugend"


Premiere 2017

kaprowbar Mannheim

Street art with music  (Andreas Haslacher), dance (Miriam Markl) and viusals by Markus Puhlmann



Premiere: 2017

Street art, tour via Germany, Italy and Swiss Deutschland, Italien, Switzerland

Music (Andreas Haslacher) und dance (Miriam Markl)

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