As a choreographer

I´m choreographing to question critically the world, to show connections and link roads between things that seems as if they don´t interrelate.

I use dance, objects, music and text to weave a unique carpet that becomes a choreographic experience for me and the audience.

I create interdisciplinary dance theater as well as side specific performances.

Main goal of my work is: empowerment - to empower myself, my dancers and collaborators as well as the audience - for self-paced thinking and acting. 

My working method is driven by intuition and a deep trust into a inner wisdom that leads and inspires my creative process.

Research: Bodytruth/Soultruth

Fundation of this research is to find tools that allow me to create movement material that is made by the "soul" or beyond the objective reality.

The Gatekeeper       

The tongue is the gatekeeper. It´s the one how decides what comes in and out, in terms of speech (the outcome) and by taste (the income). 

This fascinating organ, the only muscle in our body witch has only one insertion is currently my key to create surprising and intuition driven dances.




Premiere 2019

in cooperation mit Lisa Bless und Cecilia Ponteprimo

La Loba

Premiere 2018

Ein Sommermärchen: Peter Pan und die verlorenen Jungs

Premiere 2018


Tanz: Veronika Kornova-Cardizzaro
Schauspiel: Georg Gropp

Theater Felina Areal, Freier Tanz im Delta

No Pain – Big Gain

„sales person of the year“

Premiere 2018

Tanz: Elisabeth Kaul, Rafael Valdivieso, Brian McNeal

Bühnenbild: Rüdiger Krenkel

Theater Felina-Areal, Mannheim

gefördert durch: Kulturamt der Stadt Mannheim, LBBW


Premiere 2017

Zeitgenössisches getanztes Ritual in Anlehnung an die 35.000 bis 41.000 Jahre alte Skulptur "Löwenmensch vom Hohlenstein-Stadel im Lonetal"


Festival des zeitgenössischen europäischen Theaters und Tanzes

Schauspielhaus Leipzig

mm und andale

"Techno zerstört die revolutionäre Kraft der Jugend"


Premiere 2017

kaprowbar Mannheim

Straßenkunst mit Live-Musik (Andreas Haslacher), Tanz (mm) und Lichtprojektionen von Markus Puhlmann



Premiere: 2017

Tour durch Deutschland, Italien, Schweiz

Straßenkunstprojekt mit live Musik (Andreas Haslacher) und Tanz (mm)

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