LOBA PROJECT is a Collective which creates interdisciplinary dance performances.

In our work we look at social and societal topics from a female point of view.

As a Symbol for the female intuition a champagne glass filled with milk is part of every artwork.

Since 2018 LOBA PROJECT created: dance performance, a dance short film with Miriam Markl, Lisa Bless, Cecilia Ponteprimo, Evelina Winkler und Żaneta Falińska.

Currently LOBA PROJECT is rehearsing for a new production which is inspired by Gypsy Rose Lee which deals with teasing, striping and the embodiment of confident authentic sexuality.


Working method of LOBA PROJECT is based on a equal say of all members without any hierarchical structures.  Part of this way of working is always the question: How can the individual unfold freely and at the same time still be connected to all contributors in the creative process? 



Choreography: Miriam Markl, Lisa                           Bless
Tanz: Cecilia Ponteprimo, Miriam              Markl
La Loba
Performance by Miriam Markl
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