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Movement and Voice

Dance and Sound Workshop

17.02.24, 14:00-16:00



​Hjarðarhagi 47

107 Reykjavík

Price:  5000 - 6000 ISK  sliding scale

Open for beginners with previous experience,

intermediate level and professional



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Photocredits: Günter Krämmer, Miriam Markl in XE a Soundbody Production by Darja Reznikova

How does the use of voice affect movements? Can the body's own sound initiate and support physical expression? How can we train our inner voice to unleash one's individual potential as creative movers?

In this workshop, participants will experience the holistic synthesis of voice and movement. They will experience how sound, spoken words and inner dialogue can influence their own movement, body and mind.
The focus is on exploring vocal sounds to support our dance and to find one's individual expression in movement and voice work.
Through playful explorations and guided movement scores and tasks, we will learn about the interaction of sound, language and movement and develop a deeper understanding of the connection between them.

This workshop is aimed at people with different levels of dance experience, from professionals to beginners. The exercises will be individually adapted to each level so that everyone is challenged and no one is overwhelmed. Experience in voice training is not required.

The workshop is inspired by the Soundbody Method, developed by Darja Reznikova, as well as by impulses from the Art/Life process of Anna and Daria Halprin and Miriam Markl's research on voice and dance in 2022, which was funded by Dis-Tanz-Solo through the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media in the NEUSTART KULTUR programme, Dis-Tanzen aid programme of the German Dance Association.


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Photocredits: Marcel Tarelkin

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