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Miriam Markl

I Movement Artist I

Instant Videowork
Februar 2024

Reflecting on the side specific movement research in Iceland and my Residency at Dansverkstadid.

Collaborating with chance, working with a found object (Basketball) as a teacher for rolling, bouncing, turning, twisting, ReTurning, circular movement in nature, planetary movement...

"What is my relationship with the universe?"

Peripheral Vision


Collaborative enviromental movement research with Amelia Eisen at SÌM Residency from March 23 -Dec 23

Insights into rehearsals and showings

The Magic Moving Oracle



Interactive Performance, Premiere 2022 @ Shelter Pleasure Tendernes Exhibitoin at KitKat Club, Berlin

Further Performances: Peer23 in Mannheim, Vulcano Corp Vol. 1 Exhibition at Cafe Engels in Berlin, Nachtwandel in Mannheim, Villa Nachttanz in Heidelberg

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